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I do need to somewhat withdraw what I said because I tried the latest Dropbox installer today and apparently Dropbox has indeed been working on accessibility and made some good progress.
First of all, the actual install is pretty much happening without any prompts or interactions. After the installation is complete it goes to setup and this is where in the past (I would say as late as last November for sure) the screens were inaccessible, Jaws would read nothing.
Today this was different, I was able to activate the advanced setup button where, if you wish, you can change the default location of your Dropbox folder and then I was able to enter my email, password and 6-digit code from my authenticator app without any issues. Only after that a few more screens came up which Jaws could not read, they had a Next button each and with convenient OCR I found out they simply gave some hints and tips about what you could all do with Dropbox. At the final screen the "Next" button became a "Finish" button and then it was done.


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On 5/10/2017 11:09 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
Very interesting coming from the company which has an installer that is not accessible and where, at best and if you really know what you are doing, you can get it done using Jaws convenient OCR or I guess an unattended installer such as from Ninite.
Also from the company which a couple of months ago release an iOS app update which completely broke the app for Voiceover users, as soon as you opened the app and tapped on files to look at a file the app crashed and booted you out.
Yes, they did fix it somewhat quickly, but it's still funny though because of the installation issue on a PC.


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It would be awesome if all companies thought this way:

I didnt havbe a issue with the installer.... I thhink v4 installer was not accessib lwe but I downloaded a older one that worked...

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