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paul lemm


Yeah sure, the company that make it is called Piriform, I've included the link below to their website and the c cleaner page. They do a paid and a free version you can download, I use the free version which has all the features I need including the start-up tool I mentioned that allows you to see what start up programs are running. I vaguely remember when installing it there is one of those annoying tick boxes that askes if you want it to install some extra third party program whilst installing c cleaner (I think it might be a web browser or something), and the tick box is automatically ticked, so if you don't want the extra program installed you need to un tick that box, hope that makes sense. The link is below


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Hey there, awesome. Any idea where to get it?

On 5/10/2017 6:28 PM, paul lemm wrote:

As far as start up programs go, I use a program called C cleaner, , this works as a tool for removing unwanted files on your PC just like windows disk clean up. It’s a free program and as well as a clean up utility it also has an option to view what programs run at start up and you can disable any you don’t want running or that aren’t necessary .


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Subject: computer very slow when starting up

Hey guys,

OK, i need some hints here. When i 1st got this laptop, it use to be
super fast booting up. I'm running jaws 18. I've got a suspition that
some things are starting up that don't need to be. Ya know how when you
install programs they like to start automatically. When i do a reboot
from reboot to when i can fully use my computer, it's a good 3 to 4
minutes. In my eyes, completely unacceptable. Any ideas?


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