Re: Reading Kindle Books with JAWS 18

Dacia Cole


When I do the insert key on my laptop which is the JAWS key and do it
with the letter v it opens the quick settings dialogue not tell me
what version of the app I have.


On 5/8/17, Dale Heltzer <> wrote:
To find the app version, use JAWS Insert-Ctrl-V

To decrease/increase narration speech rate in the Kindle PC app: dash
(-)/equals (=)


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Subject: Re: Reading Kindle Books with JAWS 18


Some of the books I have purchased read with a text to speech voice that
isn't JAWS. Is there a way to speed up that speech and such in the kindle
for pc app? How do you know which version of the app you have?



On 3/23/17, Alyssa <> wrote:
I have used it with no problems. Just download the latest version from
Amazon's site, and be sure to use the latest version of jaws 18.

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Subject: Reading Kindle Books with JAWS 18

Hi All, Does anyone have experience with reading Kindle books with JAWS

I found Kindle for PC accessibility Installer version 1.14.43034 but
am not sure if this is the most current version.

Off list is fine but any tips on the procedure will be much appreciated.
Thanks, Mitch

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