Re: Disabling a jaws keystroke for a particular app.

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Hi Tony,
Open the Jaws Manager by pressing, Jaws key + F2, now press the letter, K, until you get to, & press enter on Keyboard Manager.  You'll be in a list of applications, so use 1st letter navigation to get to the application / program you want to work with.
Now, tab 1 time into a list of keystrokes for that application / program.
Use 1st letter navigation, or whatever works best to get you to the keystroke you want to change / modify / remove.
With the keystroke highlighted, press the, Alt, key to open the menues, right arrow to the, Action, menu.
Now down arrow through the options to choose which of these options will best suit your needs, & press enter on it.  You can now tab through to see what choices you have in dealing with this keystroke.
Sorry but, this is as far as I can take you.  I truly hope this is what you're looking for.
Take care.
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That would work if I had to press Alt+Shift+Up only once. In my case,
Alt+Shift+Up moves a certain piece of text up by one position in emacs
org mode. I need to press it repeatedly 5-10 times. Alternating
Insert+3 and Alt+Shift+Up for 5 times is doable, but not very

Thanks for the tip though.


On 5/6/17, Mario <mrb620@...> wrote:
> just an idea, have you tried pressing the bypass keystroke (insert+home
> row 3) before issuing the alt+shift+up arrow? the bypass tells JAWS to
> send the next keystroke to the application being used instead of
> intercepting the keystroke.
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> Subject: Disabling a jaws keystroke for a particular app.
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to press Alt+Shift+Up arrow in emacs. However, at the same
> time, this keystoke happens to trigger jaws command "Mouse up". I aM
> not sure what does it do, but emacs never receives this keystroke,
> because jaws acts on it instead.
> Is there a way to disable a particular keystroke in jaws only for
> specific application? In my case, I'd like to disable Alt+Shift+Up
> arrow for Cygwin only. My emacs is running inside a Cygwin terminal.
> Or if there is no way to disable it for specific application, how do I
> disable or change a keystroke system-wide?
> Thanks
> Tony
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