Re: Disabling a jaws keystroke for a particular app.

Tony Malykh

That would work if I had to press Alt+Shift+Up only once. In my case,
Alt+Shift+Up moves a certain piece of text up by one position in emacs
org mode. I need to press it repeatedly 5-10 times. Alternating
Insert+3 and Alt+Shift+Up for 5 times is doable, but not very

Thanks for the tip though.


On 5/6/17, Mario <> wrote:
just an idea, have you tried pressing the bypass keystroke (insert+home
row 3) before issuing the alt+shift+up arrow? the bypass tells JAWS to
send the next keystroke to the application being used instead of
intercepting the keystroke.

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Sent: Saturday, May 6, 2017 6:38 PM EST
Subject: Disabling a jaws keystroke for a particular app.

Hello everyone,

I am trying to press Alt+Shift+Up arrow in emacs. However, at the same
time, this keystoke happens to trigger jaws command "Mouse up". I aM
not sure what does it do, but emacs never receives this keystroke,
because jaws acts on it instead.

Is there a way to disable a particular keystroke in jaws only for
specific application? In my case, I'd like to disable Alt+Shift+Up
arrow for Cygwin only. My emacs is running inside a Cygwin terminal.

Or if there is no way to disable it for specific application, how do I
disable or change a keystroke system-wide?



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