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Office 2013 is a kludge, to me, because it seems to be thrown together with features that are no longer even close to being uniform across the applications and with changes that don't make sense.
For instance, in Word's spell checker, JAWS no longer consistently lands on the misspelled word, and reading the word-in-context fails most of the time.
More often than not, I end up using the alt+shift+l option to list misspellings.
In addition, to select a correct spelling option, one simply presses the letter "c," not alt + c. In Outlook, however, one still presses Alt+ the appropriate letters, e.g., "c" for correction and "g" to ignore.
Why would the commands have changed between the two applications unless pieces were thrown together without regard for consistency?
The ribbon options have also changed for no apparent reason. Now, using track changes, the various display options have, mostly, nonsensical names. The terms are less descriptive, but they do pretty much the same things. The legal blackline functionality has now changed for no explicable reason. Instead of comparing the current document against another one, one has to compare two independently saved files. This adds keystrokes or mouse clicks for no reason.
I don't have Word 2016. So, I cannot comment on it. I would hope, however, that with three additional years, some of the more stupid quirks would be fixed.
I fear, however, that even more stupid ones were introduced.

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Ed, could you expand on why Word 2013 is a kind of kluge? and would you suggest to use Word 2016, or stay with 2010, and why?

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I would be reluctant to try JAWS 15 with Windows 10. FS claimed substantial changes were made in JAWS 16 to make it work with Windows 10.
JAWS 18 has its problems, but JAWS 18 did, for the most part, fix the screw-ups in track change recognition in JAWS 16 and 17.
It isn't completely fixed yet, but at least one can tell when something has been deleted and something has been added to the main body of text.
In JAWS 16 and 17, that was broken, with JAWS mislabeling text.
Track changes still doesn't work in footnotes, but there is still a huge improvement.
Except for track change recognition, I see no reason to progress past JAWS 17. You should be just fine with Word 2010. In fact, I would skip past Word 2013, which is a kind of kluge.

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It's my understanding that JAWS 16, the last release, is the first JAWS that works with windows 10.
At 08:37 AM 5/7/2017, you wrote:

Currently I have Windows 7, Jaws 15, and MS Word 2010 on an HP laptop.

I will be getting a Dell laptop with an I5 processor, 8 gb of RAM, and Windows 10 Pro with the plan to stay with Jaws 15 and MS Word 2010.

Can anybody tell me if this combination will work well together? Also, is there a huge difference between Jaws 15 vs Jaws
18 regarding the capability of what I'm able to do?

I work from home and want to make sure that I have a setup that will work well for at least several years without major problems or issues.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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