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paul lemm

Although I don't have a web site with a capture to try, I tried using it earlier this week in the most recent version of Firefox and its definitely not working., in fact if you try any of the web visem shortcut keys none of them work any longer. It must be a fairly recent change though as I did use it successfully last month, shame this is gone as it’s a tool I often use, definitely hope it is fixed

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Could somebody provide a website with a captcha? I hate them when they show up, but can't find one right now to try Webvisum. I use Firefox 53.0.2 and could have sworn not long ago I successfully used Webvisum.


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oh, by the way, I know because I emailed James 2wo or three times about this.

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Subject: How to capture code on web page that have no audio challenge

there is, but that applied to when Firefox reached version 43. and
incidentally, the unsigned Web Visum was just basically signed by James
Scholes so WV was revived. and the Mozilla/Firefox ADO team/developer
signed and updated WV, so there are two signed versions; 0.92 and that FF reached version 53, FF requires extensions to use the
web API rather than the addon API. right now WV is still available thru
FF's addon manager, but that will change when FF reaches version 57 on
November 14 this year.

all we can do is to urge the Mozilla/Firefox ADO team/developers to
retool Web Visum to make use of the web extension API and hope WV lives

James hasn't got the time, know how, or inclination since CAPTCHA be
Gone is available.

if you don't want to wait and are ready to bite the bullet, the best bet
is to purchase and setup CAPTCHA be Gone to solve those visual CAPTCHAs
on websites who still use them.

Rumola hasn't been updated since 2014, so who knows if it still works.

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Subject: How to capture code on web page that have no audio challenge

I thought there was a updated version with a digital signature that
allows it to work now.
here is some info from Brian I be leave.

If you do not already have a Webvisum account, which is free, you must
request an invitation to get one

either here:, or by asking
someone you know who already has an account to log in and generate an
invitation for you.The latter technique will probably get you a faster

The WebVisum invitation request is a 3-field form asking for your name,
e-mail address, and that you enter a comment of some sort in the third

After getting the invitation you register here:

Apparently, the developers of Webvisum finally decided to release a
digitally signed version of this add-on and updated the version number
to 0.9.5.You can get it here:

yet it does not turn up in an add-ons search on “WebVisum” (regardless
of whether you mix case or not).

A programmer named James Scholes made a version of the Webvisum Firefox
add-on that is digitally signed so that newer versions of Firefox can
install it that’s based on the version 0.9.2.

See the article entitled, */Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox
<>/*, on for full details.

The direct download link for his XPI install file is:


On 5/6/2017 1:50 PM, Mario wrote:
unfortunately, Firefox 53 does not allow Web Visum to work. although a
portable version of Firefox 45.8 is the last version that will allow Web
Visum to work.

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Subject: How to capture code on web page that have no audio challenge

Webvisum only works with Firefox. Go to you
will have to both create an account with them and install the plug-in.

On 5/6/17, Adekoya Rasak<> wrote:
Hello All,

I stumbled on a website and I need to fill the code which is a
challenge. it has no audio challenge. How can I go about it?

I was once told webvisum. how do I install it? which browser does it work

Please help.


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