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Rick Miller

I wish I could go back to the old mail but, unfortunately, Yahoo has removed the link that gave the option to do so. I found the old mail so much better. I found that JAWS would designate whether messages were read or unread, and at least you could go from one folder to the next. With the new Yahoo mail, you can't do that with JAWS 12. I am using the exact same version of JAWS you are, Andy, and am also using Windows XP.

Rick Miller

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I too am having trouble with yahoo and jaws 12.1167 and this has been going on for a long time. I wish jaws could support yahoo better. I tryed the new yahoo mail and it is totally unusable with jaws so i went back to the old mail. The old mail is usable but not perfect. Would any one that has any answers please let me know. I am using jaws 12.1167 with windows XP SP 3.

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