Re: The Braille.wunderground web site is alive!


so, if it's not a problem with JAWS, why doesn't J16's weather RI work?
I still get no results, although I can just as easily go to the website.
but it sure would have been nice if RI would have been fixed in J16.

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Subject: The Braille.wunderground web site is alive!

Nothing more to say, really. For a while JAWS couldn't read the site
for Research It. Then a new release corrected that. But when you tried
to go to the current forecast, the information wasn't there. Now it
is! This is not a JAWS thing at all, but the web site itself. So.
Since the site is fixed, Research It displays what you would expect.

BTW, the web site is

it is a terrific web site for checking weather.


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