Re: microsoft edge and Jaws 18


Listen to the latest FS Cast for more information, it sounds like there will b official Edge support still with Jaws 18 and this was demonstrated at CSUN in March.

Since Jaws 19 comes out in 6 months and the Jaws 19 public beta will most likely be available in 4 months I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Jaws 18 update with Edge support later in May or in June. In the meantime there really is no reason to be disappointed, it’s not like there aren’t other good browser options out there, I would say with one or two exceptions Google Chrome currently is the best choice available.





From: [] On Behalf Of Adi Kushnir
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 6:10 AM
Subject: Re: microsoft edge and Jaws 18




In the publically released JAWS 18.0 builds, Edge support is not yet available.

Information will be provided by VFO soon on when it will be ready.

It takes a lot of time, and effort to do it, since it requires to re-architect large portions of JAWS.





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