Re: team viewer and jaws

Les Kriegler <kriegler@...>

I was told that a program called TeamTalk is accessible. Is this the same
program? I logged someone in to TeamTalk using Jaws and could tab through
the dialog to complete the sign-in process. The person on the other end had
Jaws. Tandem was not used in this case, because the contractor used
TeamTalk. I use Tandem all of the time for the training I do, but of course,
once the system is re-started, the connection is lost since Jaws is removed
from memory.


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Subject: Re: team viewer and jaws

What exactly do you mean that "it would work". As far as I know Teamviewer
is not accessible.

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Subject: team viewer and jaws

Team viewer and remote access. I was unaware that this would work. Janette
any tips or tricks to get it to work?

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