Re: question, introduction and test.

Mich Verrier

hi I think they turned off that feture since jfw was trying to solve a fix to it. hth. from Mich.

From: Matt
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:29 AM
Subject: question, introduction and test.

Well first my name is Matt and as the email say I am from Florida.

Now I hope this is coming thru?

Now for the real question: I have installed the latest update to JFW18 and upgraded to the latest W10 called the creator edition. The problem I am having with JFW is that the audio ducting does not work anymore. It work before the update to the latest version of JFW18  but I cannot remember if it work before I updated to the latest W10 or not but it is surely not working now with the latest update to JFW18 and the latest W10 version creator edition. I have uninstall it and reinstalled it and with the uninstall I uninstall all of jaws share components and any of my custom settings. So even with the reinstall of jaws latest 18 version audio ducting still don’t work. It is the same on my laptop as well.  Yes I do have audio ducting checked.

So have any of you had this problem ? If so do you know a fix for it?

Thanks for any input.






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