How to use Windows Media Player to read or access music in a folder on an external hard drive

Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.



I stumbled across an old folder with lots of ripped cDs in mp3 format.


I’d like to check out this folder to see if the sometimes quirkily named files changed the mp3 tags or just were in a database shell pointing to the actual music files. And whether these mp3 files are actually still playable.


I have Windows Media Player on my PC and would like to use that as the tool by which I check out this recently rediscovered music folder. I have only limited familiarity with WMP, but have read what JAWS has to say about hot keys by using Insert+F1.


Can someone please tell me how to get the mp3 files in the folder to be seen by WMP, and if they should be playable, once selected, using WMP?


Thanks in advance, Keith

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