Re: Thunderbird best practices?

Poppa Bear <heavens4real@...>

I am using it right now and it is not so painful. How does one search for a message?

On 4/23/2017 9:20 AM, Maria Campbell wrote:

You might want to download an older version of TB to keep the list view working as before, till VFO decides to fix the problem now occurring.

I am using an older version myself, not v52.

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On 4/23/2017 10:35 AM, Poppa Bear wrote:

I have a client that I am about to teach JAWS to and he is a long time Thunderbird user. I myself am not. I am about to listen to the Freedom Scientific seminar on JAWS with Thunderbird, but beyond that, a question that I have is, will it be best or most common to try and download scripts for Thunderbird? Also, right now when I am in the list view for the emails, it does not read the email information, I have to tab once to find the sender information and then shift tab back to the list view and arrow down to the next message and do the same to find out sender information. Any tips would be great.


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