Continued Jaws Crashing

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


It seems that I have narrowed the Jaws crashing issue on my current Windows 7 computer down to the following sequence of events.


Jaws seems to crash when I exit Microsoft Word while Outlook is also open.  Once this happens, Jaws will stop speaking, and I can’t re-activate Jaws either via the usual Alt Control J shortcut, or the Windows R command.


The only way I can re-start Jaws is to do a hard shut-down of the computer.


My sighted wife says Jaws looks like it is still up on the screen, but she can’t do anything to re-activate it either, short of manually shutting down the computer.


Does anyone have a sequence of steps to get out of this issue?


Does anyone know if FS is aware of the problem??


I did not have this problem prior to  updateing to Jaws 18.


To clarify, I’m using Office 365 here, with Word 2016 and Outlook 2016.


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan




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