Re: Thunderbird best practices?


Nate, when I launch TB, I wait until I hear the sound for incoming
messages that have downloaded into the inbox (about 10 to 30 seconds),
then I press tab twice which lands me on the treelist of folders, of
which the inbox is usually first, then I press tab to review the new
email that came, and pressing the enter key opens it so I can read it
with JAWS or NVDA, and once I'm done, I press the escape key to close
it. (I have TB set to open a new email in a separate window). I am then
returned to the list of messages, back to the one I just red.

to my knowledge, there isn't any third party scripts for JAWS that
enhance the use of TB, but it would be nice if someone would. however, a
basic set has been included with JAWS already. the problem is that there
are some instances where scripting would be helpful, like when using the
spell checker, if a word is detected, the misspelled word is not
automatically red, the JAWS cursor has to be used to find out what it
is. additionally, it would be useful if there was a JAWS keystroke to
read the misspelled word in context so you can decide what the word
should be. the keyboard shortcuts like alt i to ignore, alt r to
replace, alt s to send, etc still work, and you can still press the tab
key to and press the space bar on the choice of action you want to perform.

but since TB now updated to version 52, using the JAWS cursor is no
longer possible. and I suspect there are other instances that have been
curtailed that I don't use or know about.

there are most likely other instances where scripting would be useful to
effectively deal with using TB that I didn't mention or know about.

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Subject: Thunderbird best practices?

I have a client that I am about to teach JAWS to and he is a long time
Thunderbird user. I myself am not. I am about to listen to the Freedom
Scientific seminar on JAWS with Thunderbird, but beyond that, a question
that I have is, will it be best or most common to try and download scripts
for Thunderbird? Also, right now when I am in the list view for the emails,
it does not read the email information, I have to tab once to find the
sender information and then shift tab back to the list view and arrow down
to the next message and do the same to find out sender information. Any tips
would be great.


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