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I saw a number of posts on this list earlier about the calculator.  Indeed, in Windows 10, it is hidden.  With a little sighted assistance, however, we found it and pinned it to the task bar, which was a good solution.

And, a huge thanks to the discussion about using the Windows Key and numbers keys to jump to applications.  I had forgotten about those commands entirely.  Now, I use them all the time.  They are fantastic!

Well, I installed JAWS 18 yesterday.  ALAS!  The calculator that worked so well in JAWS 17 appears to be completely broken in JAWS 18 or, if not broken, is implemented so badly as to be useless.

It is so good to be able to keep old versions of JAWS around so that when Freedom Scientific screws up, as they did with calculator, one can go back to a prior version.  The calculator works great in JAWS 17.  It seems unusable in JAWS 18.



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