Re: Can I customize another key for application key other than Shift F10.

Emmanuel Bassey <dr.emmabassey@...>

Hi Rasak,
This is Dr Bassey in Australia. Concerning your worries, yes you can.
Download sharp keys software from:

Instal in your system and select the key type you want to change to
application key. I'm using it now in my current PC. I customised my
'graph key' to 'insert key'. I did it in my previous Lenovo PC as
well. I customised one of my 'control key' to 'application key'.
I hope this helps...


On 21/04/2017, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
See Ann Byrne's instructions from March 7th in the archive: ( )

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Disability Adviser - Vision Rehabilitation Services
Teaching Hospital, Calabar.

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