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N K Shackelford

Have you joined sightlessmt group?
If so, do send them a message and you will get responses from several MTs who use accessible software.
If you want to contact me off list, my e-mail address is

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 11:36 AM, Stacey Bruton <staceybruton@...> wrote:
Good Afternoon,

I am enrolled in a medical transcription and editing course. I have
emailed the company offering the course with some questions concerning
tech support. I told them I use a screen reader. I was told I should
drop their course because screen readers are not compatible with the
editing software. The software is Mmodal. I was wondering if there
were any medical transcription and editing people on this list who can
tell me what they use that is accessible with JAWS. Also, how did they
receive the training?


N K Shackelford
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