Re: Jaws script for switching between applications

Tony Malykh


I did some investigation, and I figured out that my problem only
happens when I release the windows key *very* quickly after the
shortcut. If I hold the Windows key just a fraction of a second
longer, then switching apps becomes reliable. I guess I can claim this
to be a temporary workaround, but I am a fast typer, so it is going to
irritate me forever that I'd have to slow down my app switching
because of a silly bug in Windows. However, that also explains why I
seem to be the only person in the whole world who suffers from this

Also I am now working on an autoit script. If it works, then it would
solve my problem by detecting the moment when the focus is stuck in
the "task switcher" window, and then sending some keys to the taskbar
to reactivate the right window again.


I was thinking about autohotkey. After some time I realized that it's
going to be pretty hard to write scripts in it that are as convenint
as Windows+digit hotkey.

With Windows+digit hotkey you can switch to any Cygwin window if you
have multiple Cygwin windows. And I do have multiple Cygwin windows,
typically 4 or 5. If I want to switch to the fifth Cygwin window I
just hold the windows key and then press the digit 2 five times in a
row. Implementing similar functionality in autohotkey is not
straightforward if possible at all. Even if that is possible in
autohotkey, then it's going to be difficult to figure out the order of
Cygwin windows. If possible. The order of the Cygwin windows in the
taskbar is specified by the order these windwos have appeared in the
system. So in order to track the order of Cygwin windows I'd have to
write some script that runs constantly and tracks all the visible
windows in the system. That's going to be quite a project...

As I mentioned above, I'm now trying to solve the problem with autoit,
which is in my understanding somewhat similar to autohotkey. But I'm
not trying to define the shortcuts, but rather detect the situation
when the bug happens and trying to fix it on the fly. Well see if it


Thanks for your suggestion. I really like the Windows+Ctrl+digit
shortcut, I'm going to use it a lot.
But unfortunately the original Windows+digit shortcut is not reliable
on my both computers. As I mentioned before, I figured out that you
need to release the windows key very quickly for this bug to
reproduce. You can try to press the windows+digit shortcut really
fast, as fast as you can in fact, and then perhaps you'll reproduce it
on your computer.
The Ctrl+Windows+digit shortcut doesn't seem to have this problem no
matter how fast I press it.


On 4/18/17, Randy Barnett <> wrote:
In the OP he states he wants to assign a specific key to each program he
runs frwqently... And he lists all the common methods as not what he

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