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George B

thanks to all i got it to speak now so we can not carry on this thread any
more to keep the list uncluttered.

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They are called tool tips and whether they are read or not is
controlled by your verbosity settings. With the correct verbosity
settings they are simply read. I know of no way to force them to be
read otherwise.

Note that even with the verbosity setting there are some programs that
still won't read (at some versions of visual studio being among them),
I suspect because they roll their own tool tips rather than using the
system supplied implementation.

On 11/10/11, George B <> wrote:
running jaws 13. when you put the curser over a icon on the desktop
or a
graphical item in a application and the little info pops up how do we
jaws to read the info? i.e. if you put the curser on a icon on the
the little info tag pops up telling you what it is.
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