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Les Kriegler <kriegler@...>

Hi hh,

Well, I copied that file over to my tablet. No luck. Pressing F12 still
crashes Word. It does work properly on my wife's machine. So something else
must be going on. Thanks for trying to help.


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Hey Les,

I've had this same problem on one of my consumers computers. I finally got
it fixed by copying the same file off a another computer running the
software and the same operating system as far, as 32bit or 64bit. The file
is located in the program files folder. inside the Microsoft office folder,
then the Office16 folder.
You can just open the Office16 folder and paste the copied file. It will ask
admin permission click continue with administrative privileges and the
problem should be resolved.

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Subject: Word 2016 Problem


I'm wondering if anybody has seen this or can replicate this? Running the
latest build of Windows Creator with latest build of Jaws 18 and latest
build of Office 2016. When wishing to save a file, I really like the
keystroke F12, as it takes me directly to the save as file name prompt.
However, as of today, every time I press that keystroke, Word crashes. The
error is in Winword.exe. It also crashes without Jaws running. I spent a
couple of hours on the phone with a very helpful and organized Microsoft
rep. He did an online repair of Office, which essentially uninstalled and
re-installed the product as he explained it. No change. I ran a System
File Checker on Windows which came back with no errors. He's escalated this
to a higher level of support and I'm awaiting a response. For now, I'm
staying away from that command and using Ctrl-S. Thanks for any


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