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Tony, if you have desktop shortcuts for the programs you want to use,
and shortcuts assigned to them, for example, cygwin is control+alt+c,
pressing the shortcut will switch you to that program, even if it's in
the middle of doing something. I don't know if this will work for the
command prompt. the only time I think it won't work for what you want is
if the program is a multi session program, meaning it can be used even
if it is open already.

have you tried this, and does it work for you?

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Sent: Friday, Apr 14, 2017 8:48 PM EST
Subject: Jaws script for switching between applications

Hi all,

I am typically running several application: IE, CMD, Cygwin and Visual
Studio. I am looking for a keyboard shortcut to switch to a particular

For example, I would like to have a keyboard shortcut that would
switch me to a cygwin window. I don't want to press Alt-TAB multiple
times and look for the right window in the list of running
applications. I am using braille display, and alt-tabbing takes too
long. I switch applications often, and I am looking for more
effective way to switch between applications.

For example, I would love to have a script that would sweitch me to
the cygwin window no matter what application is currently active and
no matter how long ago I used cygwin the last time. Then I would love
to assign a keyboard shortcut to this script, something like
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C, for example. And I would have a peace of mind,
knowing that wherever I am, I can always switch to cygwin in just a
single keystroke.

Windows key + numbers. This is what I'm currently using. For example I
have Windows key + 2 switches me to IE. The problem with it is that it
is frustratingly unreliable. They only work about 80% of the times,
and for the remaining 20% they set the focus to the task bar.
Sometimes the success rate goes down even lower than 50%, at which
point I have to reboot my computer. I've had this problem on two
computers, one of which had a brand new windows. By the way, does
anyone else experience the unreliability of this shortcut, or only me?

Alt-tab is NOT what I'm looking for, since it switches to the last
used application. I would like to have one shourtcut for IE, another
for MCD and so on, so that whenever I want to switch to IE I would
press that shourtcut just once. Pressing Alt-tab multiple times
surely can switch me to any running app, but this way is too slow, I
am looking for a more efficient solution.

Insert+f10 is NOT what I'm looking for. The reason is the same as for
alt-tab: it requires finding the right app in the list.

Ctrl+Alt+Letter is NOT what I'm looking for. You can assign this type
of shortcuts in the properties of applications on the desktop. But
that would start a new application instead of switching to an existing

1. Is there a way to make windows key + number keyboard shortcut
more reliable?
2. Is there a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to specific apps?
Maybe a jaws script or something?

And again, I would like to reiterate what I need. I whish I could
switch to cygwin with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C, and switch to internet
explorer with Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I, and so on.

I am not afraid of hacking, so if there is either a jaws script, or
any other hacky script, that can switch me to a particular application
and that can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut, please let me know.

I'm using the latest Windows 10 and Jaws 17.



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