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Artur R├Ąpp


As not very convinient workaround You can read message list with JAWS touch cursor.

I modified JAWS scripts for thunderbird slightly to make the workaround abit easier. I cancheck what exactly i modified. That was someones computer and i have to ask him send the scripts back me.


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Brian, while changing the view sort to threaded, I find that JAWS does not read any thing when tabbing into the message list of any folder that has been created by the user. so, the message list for local folders are not read. the message list for the inbox, drafts, etc still read as usual.

I am using JAWS 16 and I think this problem also occurs when using NVDA, so it's not a JAWS 18 only problem. I would imagine users of JAWS 17 are affected also. yes, it's being worked on and I hope the fix comes out soon.

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Subject: Using Jaws with Thunderbird

I've just confirmed that this is a JAWS issue with unthreaded view, at least using JAWS 18.0, Thunderbird version 52, and Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version 1703.

It makes no difference whether the Thunderbird window is maximized or not. If the view is unthreaded JAWS will not read anything in the inbox list of messages. Switched to threaded it behaves normally.

This behavior is not exhibited in NVDA. I did not try Window Eyes nor Narrator, as this is enough to confirm that the issue seems to be tied to how JAWS interacts with unthreaded view in Thunderbird. I would definitely get VFO tech support involved.

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