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Hi Keith

Michelle Stevens here,

I used Linda mainly on my Iphone which the app was quite then accessible. I have not tried it with Jaws it sort of could work with NVDA.

It depends how your library have set it up.

Have a look at Linda on the iphone. Not sure if they have an app for the other phones.

Kind regards

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How do you discover within Overdrive which other resources your library offers? I'm hoping to find out what other resources my library offers, but first I'll need to learn from you where to find these within Overdrive.

Thanks in advance, Keith

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This is free access. Not a free trial. With a library card (in my case Los Angeles public library) one can create an account with Lynda through the library and not have to pay. Similar to the New York Times and WSJ. Other libraries offer different resources, but the LA public library among other services, offers these.
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It's very hard to unsubscribe if you do the free trial I got conned by
them for 15 a month for 18 months don't Do it

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Hello list,
So was checking out the resources available with my library card and
I noticed that among other things, I can get access to for free.
No unsubstantial as it’s a paid service.
Anyway, Just thought I’d ask if anyone’s used and can
comment on the service or site’s accessibility with screen readers
(in my case JFW 18)? I know that most likely, a lot of courses will
be visual in nature, but that aside, is it usable?

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