Re: Unable to install required component JAWS run time

Vaughan Dodd

I do know that my install got messed with cumulative Windows updates but there are people here with more expertise than I have who can I am sure solve this.


On 4/14/2017 1:23 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:
I used programs and features to uninstall everything Freedom Scientific. It was a new install, so JAWS wasn't there to uninstall, but the few components that were there are gone. I then restarted the computer, hoping that would obliterate all traces. Whether it did, I don't know. I can't figure why Run Time JAWS, of all things, won't install. I did write FS last night but haven't heard back yet.

At 05:37 PM 4/13/2017, you wrote:

I resorted to an uninstall via the Windows 10 control panel, and then reinstalled from the download. I appreciated that the JAWS uninstall offered to retain my personalised settings, which was about 95% successful.


On 4/14/2017 10:31 AM, Ann Byrne wrote:
Trying to install JAWS 18 latest version on my student's windows 8.0 machine. After some whirring and clicking and a lot of waiting, I get the message:
Unable to install required component JAWS run time, the process will now end. With of course an okay button. I tried using the JAWS 18 disk, and I tried using a download of yesterday's update. Same message. Any ideas????



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