Re: windows update and jaws windows 10

Don Risavy, Jr.

Noticed the same here too with the latest version of Jaws.



From: [] On Behalf Of marvin hunkin
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 12:20 AM
Subject: windows update and jaws windows 10


Hi. Downloaded the latest jaws update, and have contacted vfo software support. Now, when I go to the windows update, using version 18.0.2325 would say check for updates and say checking for updates, now got the current version 18.0.2378, and now it says check now, and when I do a windows update, does not say checking for updates, just says update history link, and the only way I know I have updates, says updates are available , why has vfo done this, a deliberate mistake, or broken accessibility. Marvin.

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