Re: how do I get rid of tutor messages?

Shane Davidson <shane@...>

The following steps will help you.
1. press JAWSKey+J to bring focus to the jaws window, or jaws menu depending
on your configuration.
2. if you are in a menu, this means your jaws window was in the system tray.
Press the letter O.
If you simply here JAWS then this means it's an actual window, so you'll
need to press alt+O to bring up the options menu.
3. Press the letter B for the basics... dialog.
4. the 1st control you'll land in is what you want, use up and down arrows
to highlight the turn off menu and control help radio button.
5. if you wish to turn off access keys as well, press tab once, and arrow up
and down until you find the off radio button.
6. Press enter to activate the OK button and exit the dialog.
Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Have a great night.
Shane Davidosn

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Subject: how do I get rid of tutor messages?

I just installed jaws 13.
I can not find out how to disable tutor messages.

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