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         I can give some guidance, but it will not be perfect.  I am not going to try to give the JAWS keystrokes related to this unless it turns out to be difficult to actually carry out and requires that level of digging.  Exporting all contacts from Gmail is straightforward and I will use the standard view as my basis.  I am presuming you already can open your contacts list in Gmail.

  1. Open your contacts in Gmail.
  2. Navigate to what JAWS announces as 'Button Menu - Collapsed' then expand it and select "All" from the dropdown menu.  This will cause all of your contacts to be selected.
  3. Navigate to the "More button Menu," expand it, and choose "Export"
  4. You will get a pop-up dialog that asks you, "Which contacts do you want to export?" and generally the answer to that will be given by activating the "Selected Contacts" radio button, which should be activated by default.  If you, by chance, want to export the e-mail address of everyone who's ever sent you an e-mail rather than just those you've put in your personal contacts list then activate the "All Contacts" radio button instead.  There are generally hundreds more entries in "All Contacts," which are collected by Gmail as messages are received and sent, than there are in your own address book.  Use that option with extreme caution.
  5. Go to the "Which Export Format?" section and activate the radio button for the format you wish to have the contacts exported in.  I can't answer which one you want since I don't know where you intend to import them.
  6. Activate the Export button.
  7. You will now be presented with a dialog asking whether you want to open or save the file to be created, and the save radio button is activated by default.  Since I presume you want to save the file for later importing this is as it should be.  Activate the OK button in the dialog.
  8. You'll now be presented with your usual File Explorer style save dialog.  Navigate to wherever you wish to save the file, take a look at the file name it intends to use, which is google by default with the extension determined by the file format you chose in step five, and change it if you want another file name.  After this activate the Save button.

Your contacts are now exported and saved in the file format you chose, under the file name you chose, in the folder you chose.  Now use them for importing where they need to be imported.

As an aside, if you are using IMAP access for your e-mail accounts you may not need to do the export/import process.  Some e-mail clients that manage both contacts and e-mail messages will synchronize both when you configure your e-mail account in them since both messages and contacts are maintained on the e-mail server side.


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