Re: More then one JAWS?

Adrian Spratt

Yes, JAWS is unlike many other applications in that the latest version
doesn't replace earlier ones. They exist side-by-side.

When you go to programs from the start menu, press j and arrow down, you'll
find all the versions of JAWS stored on your system.

You can select which version takes precedence by checking the "Automatically
start JAWS" checkbox that you find as follows:

1. Press insert-j.
2. Press enter on options.
3. Press enter on Basics.
4. Tab to "Automatically start Jaws" and press spacebar.
5. Tab to OK and press spacebar again.

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How would I install JAWS 13 while still having version 12 on my computer? I
don't understand how you select which one would start up when Windows
starts. Where does JAWS start up from?


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