Re: Sending an email as an attachment?

Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Also, in Outlook, you can be in your message, press
Alt-N-A-F, then type in the file you want to attach and
press Enter. I do that all the time.

Bye for now,


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Hello there;

The easiest way to send an attachment using outlook 2007,
2010, 2016, is,

1, navigate to the folder where the file is located which
you wish to send as an attached file.

2, highlight the file do not enter, just copy to clipboard,

3, open outlook, new file,

Type in the necessary information, now once you get to the
body of the message,

Just simply paste,

Now shift+tab you will see you're attached file, now tab to
the body, type any preferred text, now send as normal,

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Sending an email as an attachment?

Hello Listers,

I need to send an email as an attachment using office2007,
also using windows10. However, I haven't done this in a
while, using the ribbon system,and need help. By the way,
Jaws18 is my screen reader.

I would really appreciate the help.

Thanks! To all.


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