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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Tom wrote "D" for "Delta" not "E" for echo.
Tom, you should report his to Jaws, I remember very early on when this first came outy that this happened to me occasionally and I think the Jaws people should have the file you are trying to recognize so they can check why it isn't working.
Sounds like it's nothing personal, would you mind sending me the file as I'd like to try it on my system to see if I gett he same result. You can send it to me directly using


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tom, that should be insert+spacebar, o, then d, not e.

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Subject: Problem With Convenient OCR

Hello, everyone.

I am trying to read a scanned PDF image document using the Jaws convenient OCR feature, but cannot get the file to convert to a readable format.

If I open the PDF file in Internet explorer, and then try convenient OCR.
I'm told that OCR cannot be started.

I saved the PDf file, and then tried convenient OCR on the saved file, and got a script error message.

When I access convenient OCR, I use spacebar and Jaws, followed by O for OCR, and D for document.

I'm using Jaws 18 here with Windows 7.

I don't recall having this problem with earlier versions of Jaws.

Am I missing something?

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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