Continuing Problem With Navigating E-mail Group

Tom Behler

Hello again, everyone.


I hate to bug the list again, but my recently-emergent problem with navigating an e-mail group in Outlook 2016 continues.


At least now, I have a bit more information to share about the problem, since I have had some sighted assistance with the screen.


My problem is that once I’m in the list view for the e-mail group, Jaws no longer responds as it should when I  navigate up and down the list of group members, using the up and down arrow keys.


The sighted individual who is helping me can easily navigate up and down the list of members using the arrow keys, but Jaws seems to be stuck on the last name I have highlighted, and only speaks that name, rather than reflecting what the arrow keys are actually doing.


I’d appreciate any suggestions for solving this issue.


If I am not verbalizing the problem well, please let me know.


I’m using Jaws 18 with Windows 7 here.


Thank you!


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan



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