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Russell, to activate the touch cursor, Press SHIFT+NUM PAD PLUS on a
desktop, or SHIFT+CAPS LOCK+SEMICOLON if using a laptop.

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I will try this again. You need to use IE as your web browser. In Google,
bring up links and go to images. Hit enter and type the type of picture you
are looking for. Hit enter and use G to jump from picture to picture. I
usually go with the first picture since I am totally blind. Route the JAWS
cursor and right click. You can't use the applications key here. You must
use the right click key. Now use your application key and go down to save
as. Then hit enter and give the picture a name. It will be saved in your
pictures folder. Then you go to where you want the picture in Word, PPT...
and alt n for insert and p for picture. Find the picture you want to insert
and use your application key to size and alt text your picture. This may be
much more complicated but with practice you can insert a picture that looks
like it was inserted by a sighted person. This is the method I teach my

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Thanks Maria but how do I activate the JAWS Touch Cursor on a desktop

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Once you have selected the picture by checking the check box next to it,
activate the JAWS Touch Cursor, RIGHT ARROW to the Insert button, and
press ENTER to insert the image. The Insert button is some type of
JavaScript control that dynamically appears once you have checked an image
check box but which is not appearing in the JAWS Virtual Buffer. To return
to the PC cursor from the Touch cursor, press the PC Cursor command twice
quickly. The keys to activate the cursors depend on which keyboard layout
you are using…

The only descriptive information which JAWS can provide you is the image
size and URL. Bing doesn’t have some type of artificial intelligence
facility built in to it which would provide a description of the actual
picture content…



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I am trying to insert picture using word 2016. I have been told to use the
following commands to insert a picture - alt and n, then f for online
pictures, then type in description of picture you require and then press
enter to get up list of suitable pictures. I was told jaws would read
picture descriptor, but it does not. I then tab arrow through the pictures
and press enter to select and then control and enter to insert picture into
document, but it will not insert picture. Can anyone advise where I a going


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