Re: JAWS and the SiriusXM player.

mike mcglashon

yes there is a way to adjust the volume for the xm player using jaws;

the volume within the xm player doesn't work at all; (at least from my experience, the buttons there do absolutely nothing, just decoration);

go into startmenu, do search for volume, select adjust system volume;
then a box will come up with lots of controls;
it will have things like system sounds, jaws, internet explorer, etc;
these are volume controls for each program that is open;
select the volume control for internet explorer and this will adjust the volume of your player;

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From: Lizand Sammie
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2017 4:04 AM
Subject: JAWS and the SiriusXM player.

Good morning. I use Internet Explorer to listen to SiriusXM, and for the
most part, I am having no problems; however, when I try to adjust the volume
using the player controls, I can't adjust the volume. Is there a way to
adjust the volume in the player using JAWS?

Liz Ulrich
and LD Hope

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