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Interesting, and to FS's credit, that a number of these revisions address
concerns raised on the list. Thanks for posting. This has the air of Eric
Damery. Is the message from him?

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Got this from another list and decided to be thoughtful and post it here.


We are in the final stages of testing the first JAWS 13 update and plan to
release next Monday. We have decided to offer early access to this update
for those that want it prior to the Auto Update next week. If you are
interested, the instructions are below along with the list of changes since
the DVD build 303 was posted.


Eric Damery

JAWS 13 Sneak Preview

The next JAWS 13 hotfix is scheduled for November 14, 2011. If you would
like an early preview of the upcoming release, use the access code

370702 to download and install the update as described below. Note that
before attempting the update, you must have Internet access and JAWS

Do the following to enter the access code.

1. Press INSERT+J to move focus to the JAWS window.

2. From the Help menu, choose About JAWS.

3. Choose the Special Update Code button, and then type 370702 in

the Special Update Code edit box.

4. Choose OK to close the current dialog box, and then OK again to

close the About JAWS dialog box.

5. Once this is done, just restart JAWS and the Auto Update will

prompt you to receive the new build, JAWS 13.0.527.

Enhancements and Improvements in JAWS 13

This page describes all improvements made from the first public beta release
to the current JAWS 13 release. To download the latest release, visit the
JAWS Downloads Web page
< .

Enhancements in JAWS 13.0.527 (November 2011)

* Resolved an issue encountered on some systems when updating

authorization to JAWS 13. After updating authorization, you may need to
restart JAWS in order for it to take affect.

* Resolved a long-standing issue where it was sometimes necessary

to reboot the computer in order to use JAWS if the application unexpectedly

* Resolved an issue where the braille cursor was not positioned as

expected in edit fields when using Structured Mode.

* The Primary and Secondary language for Convenient OCR can now be

changed through Quick Settings (INSERT+V).

* Documentation is now available describing the latest

improvements in the JAWS scripting language. For more information, visit the
Enhancements in Scripting

Web page.

* If more than one command prompt window is open, addressed an

issue where JAWS would continue reading text from one command prompt window
even after changing focus to the other.

* Resolved an issue with Contracted English Braille translation

where the number sign was not appearing directly before the number if the
number was proceeded by a quote and a comma.

* If the Results Viewer and Virtual Viewer are open at the same

time, resolved an issue where pressing ESC would close both viewers.

* Addressed an issue where JAWS was not playing a sound to

identify checked items in some dialog boxes even if the current speech and
sounds scheme was configured to do so.

* Resolved an issue turning off the "read only" announcement in a

speech and sounds scheme.

* If you are using a braille display, JAWS no longer goes into

Line Mode when renaming a file or folder.

* In applications where JAWS can announce indented text, resolved

an issue where JAWS was not speaking indentation information when using the
Say Line command (INSERT+UP ARROW).

* Pressing ALT+UP ARROW in the help text in Settings Center and

Quick Settings now reads the prior sentence.

* Resolved an issue with PAC Mate Desktop not starting correctly.

* The Study Mode option is now only available if you are using a

braille display that has a double row of cursor router and navrow buttons,
such as the PAC Mate Portable Braille Display, or the Focus 40, Focus 80,
and Focus 40 Blue braille displays. Study Mode is located under Braille
Options in Quick Settings.

* The Current Word Expand option is now only available in Quick

Settings when contracted braille translation is set to Output only.

* In the Startup Wizard, the Enable Flash Messages check box and

Contracted Braille Translation combo box now have INSERT+F1 help.

* Addressed issues that could occur when installing JAWS 13 while

JAWS 12 and MAGic 11 are currently running.

* Resolved an issue where nothing is heard when navigating to a

visited link and the current speech and sounds scheme is configured to play
a sound.

JAWS Research It

* Resolved an issue where the Results Viewer was blank if Research

It did not find any results for a search. A message is now displayed if no
results are found.

* The NCAA lookup source now returns all division 1-A scores and

schedules. Previously, only the top 25 was displayed. In addition, if you
search for a particular team, both division 1-A and 1-AA are searched.

* Addressed issues with the Weather lookup source when checking

the weather for international locations.

Adobe Acrobat

* Resolved an issue with JAWS not announcing edit combo boxes in

certain PDF documents while navigating with the ARROW keys.


* Addressed an issue where Eclipse would unexpectedly close when

opening and closing the menu.

Microsoft Excel

* When you press an access key in the spell checker to move to the

next error, JAWS no longer speaks the access key you just pressed while
reading the current error.

* Addressed a reported issue in Excel 2003 and Windows XP where

the Undo option was not working as expected.

* Addressed an issue in Excel 2010 where JAWS would speak the

tutor message each time an option in the Fill tab of the Format Cells dialog
box was changed. This would occur even if Tutor Message was set to only
announce custom messages.

* Resolved an issue in Excel 2003 where the content of text boxes

was not being displayed in the Virtual Viewer. There were only blank lines
where the text in the box should have appeared.

* Improved how JAWS reads cell information when pressing ESC after

adding a comment.

* Resolved an issue where the current cell was not read after

pressing ESC to close the custom summary.

* When navigating the color controls in the Fill page of the

Format Cells dialog box, resolved an issue where JAWS was not properly
reading the selected color.

* Resolved an issue setting column and row titles in Quick


Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Addressed an issue where JAWS would not indicate combo boxes on

certain Web pages when navigating with the Virtual Cursor.

* When selecting a same page link to move to a different location

on the current page, pressing ALT+LEFT ARROW to go back now returns you to
the link.

* Resolved an issue with using TAB to navigate buttons contained

inside Flash content.

* When you press ENTER on a link in the custom page summary, JAWS

now moves you to the correct location on the Web page.

* Resolved an issue where JAWS would get stuck on words containing

a left quote when navigating by word.

Microsoft Office

* Resolved issues navigating in Microsoft Office applications with

Tutor Messages set to Custom.

Microsoft Outlook

* JAWS is now much more responsive when navigating in the Inbox in

Outlook 2010.

* Navigation in the File menu in Outlook 2010 has been improved.

* Resolved a customer reported issue in Outlook 2003 where

pressing NUMPAD 5 twice quickly to speak the current character phonetically
was not working in the subject field of an appointment.

* When pressing ALT+GRAVE to move to the message body and the

first line of the message contains a link, JAWS no longer activates the

* Addressed an issue in Outlook 2007 and 2010 using TAB to

navigate to links in a read-only message.

* Resolved an issue of hearing a system ding while navigating

through messages in the Inbox. This occured if you had several consecutive
messages from the same address.

* Resolved an issue of hearing indentation information while

navigating through links in a read-only message in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

* If the edit combo box in the Find and Replace combo box contains

text from a previous search, addressed an issue where the contents of this
field were not being announced by JAWS when the dialog box opens.

* When navigating by paragraph in an Outlook 2007 or 2010 message,

JAWS no longer speaks the paragraph twice.

* Addressed a reported issue in the Outlook 2010 calendar where

the backstage view options were not being announced while navigating.

* When deleting consecutive messages from the same sender, or that

have the same subject, resolved an intermittent issue where JAWS would
sometimes not automatically read the next message in the list.

* Resolved an issue in the non-English version of Outlook where

JAWS would unexpectedly close while navigating the calendar after setting an
appointment after 23:00.

Microsoft Word

* Updated the INSERT+F1 help message for the Quick Access tool bar

in Word 2007 and 2010.

* Resolved an issue where JAWS was not correctly reporting the

indentation level of the last line in a Word document.

* Resolved an issue where after clearing the Word check box in the

Manage Application Settings dialog box, JAWS would continue using any
setting changes made in Quick Settings instead of reverting to default

* Resolved an issue where margin information was being reported

differently depending on whether or not the cursor was in a table.

* The Include Demensions option in Quick Settings has been renamed

to Include Graphical Demensions to make it easier to find when doing a
search. This option only appears when Quick Settings is opened from Word or

* Addressed an issue where page changes were not announced during

a Say All until you pressed ALT+TAB to move away and back to the document.
This only occured in Word 2007.

* JAWS no longer incorrectly announces indentation information

when encountering outdented text, such as in an outline.

* Resolved a customer reported issue with the New Lines and

Paragraphs Indication option in Quick Settings not changing based on whether
paragraph marks are shown or not. When you enable or disable the displaying
of paragraph marks in the Word Options dialog box, JAWS automatically sets
the New Lines and Paragraphs Indication setting accordingly.

* Addressed an issue where style changes were being announced

after enabling spelling detection from Quick Settings.

* Resolved an issue where Grammatical Error Detection was enabled

when turning off Spelling Error Detection in Quick Settings.

* Removed references to the Task Pane from the INSERT+F1 help

messages for the Quick Access and Status Bar toolbar controls.

* Resolved an issue with Quick Settings where changing Style

Changes to Always Announce was not turning off the Headings Announce option.

* Resolved an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where JAWS

messages containing accented characters were not read correctly in Word.

* If you have customized the dot pattern for the braille cursor,

addressed an issue where using Track Changes was changing it back to the
default setting.

* Pressing ALT+DELETE while in a table now provides more accurate

cursor position information.

* Resolved an issue in Word 2007 with JAWS not properly navigating

tables until you used ALT+TAB to move away and back to the document.

This occured when opening a document containing tables from Windows

* Resolved an issue where table navigation commands would no

longer work after typing text into a table cell.

Mozilla Firefox

* The page title is now shown on the braille display when pressing

INSERT+T even when you are positioned on a heading. Note that the

currently selected heading is included with the title information. This was
also addressed in Internet Explorer.

* Toggling the Document Automatically Reads check box in Quick

Settings now works as expected. When this option is cleared, JAWS will not
automatically read the Web page after it loads.

Visual Studio

* Addressed an issue where you had to press ALT+TAB to move away

from the application and back to get focus into the output window after
starting a compile.

Windows 7

* Addressed an issue encountered after using ALT+TAB to move to

the Desktop where JAWS would not announce the count of the selected item,
for example, five of eight. Pressing INSERT+T would also not speak the
window title. This did not occur if WINDOWS Key+M was used to go to the

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