Getting laptop to recognize headset with traditional jack instead of USB


Hello list,

So, I got this laptop that has fewer USB ports than my old one. Thus, my having to optimize my USB usage. It does have a single jack for headphones and mic. I figured it would just be a case of plugging the headset jack and having audio go through the headphones. Of course, nothing can be so easy…

I’m not getting any sound. Jaws or otherwise. My sighted wife says that when it is plugged in, the volume indicator does switch reflecting something also, the microphone indicator does fluctuate when I speak.

It’s been many years since I’ve used a headset with a jack and in this case, it’s only one jack instead of the regular two jacks (One for headset and the other for microphone).

Am I in fact missing a step to enable audio?  Tried this both on a Dell laptop that I initially bought and which I’m returning due to an unrelated issue and an HP Envy X360 Touch screen machine that I’m still setting up.

Any help would be appreciated.

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