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Hi Ed,


I just downloaded Samantha and Nathan as well as one of the high quality german voices. After pressing enter on the installer file it took a couple of seconds to start, then I had the first “Next” prompt, after that focus was on the “I Agree” checkbox of the license agreement, I pressed spacebar followed by Alt+N for Next, then spacebar for the Typical installation and spacebar again to “Install”. After I activated install ittook maybe 5 or 6 seconds for any of the three voices to install and to display the “Finish” prompt. If yours is sitting there for 10 minutes there is definitely something wrong.

I have disabled user account control on my laptop, is it possible the UAC prompt has popped up behind the installation Windows and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to say “Yes”?





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Subject: Vocalizer Samantha Two fails to install


Perhaps I am just impatient, but should the Vocalizer Two (High Premium) Samantha voice take 10 minutes to install?

It says “This will take several minutes.”  It should say, “This will take an eternity.”

Perhaps I just need to download again and start all over.

I thought I would finally try JAWS 18 on my home computer.  At the same time, I thought I would try the new Vocalizer voices.  So far, I have found nothing better than Eloquence for clarity, speed, inflection variety, and responsiveness.


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