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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Ann!

I did your below. It works great! Well done.

Many thanks,

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This works on my computer:

1. In any application (I used Eudora) press insert+0 to open the script
2. Press control+shift+d to get to the default script manager.
3. Go to the bottom of the file, so it's easy to find and delete if you
decide you don't like it.).
4. Type control+e to begin a new script.
5. Give it a name, no spaces: ApplicationsKey.
6. Tab. Can be attached to key, check it.
7. Tab, and type a synopsis
8. Tab again and type a fulller description.
9. Tab, and fill in a category (I chose system) 10. Tab. Assign to hotkey.
(I pressed print screen).
11. Tab. Okay.
12. Control+s to compile.

Now you have this:

Script ApplicationsKey ()


Which won't do a thing. You need to add the command {shift+f10} and compile

Now it looks like this:

Script ApplicationsKey ()


Close the script manager and test. If it doesn't work the way you want,
delete it.

Good luck!


At 04:42 PM 3/7/2017, you wrote:
A couple of years ago, this same thread bounced around. Someone gave
excellent instructions on how to remap the useless PrintScreen key to
act as an Applications Key in JAWS, using the Keyboard Manager.
That was before JAWS 17. I tried following the instructions from Jaws
16, applying them to Jaws 17. THEY DID NOT WORK!
Now, there may be a way to do the same thing inside the operating
system or with a third party macro product; however, those of us
working in a corporate environment CANNOT make those modifications,
though we can modify JAWS scripts, which are themselves sometimes
triggered by keystrokes, and those used to be conveniently connected
with Keyboard Manager.
ALAS! Freedom Scientific appears to have killed that.
Of course, we just need to accept that as part of progress. Just think
of all the benefits we gained with Jaws 17. <Sarcastic Sneer Deleted>

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Can another key be remapped to work as the applications key? How would
a person do that????


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