Re: Assigning certain websites to language?

Tom Lange

Hello Gerardo,
You wrote:

HI guys: Suppose I want to tell certain websites to come up speaking
automatically in the language in which they were designed? For instance
since I'm bilingual and sometimes visit sites in English or Spanish, is
there a way in jaws to tell these sites to come up speaking in either
English or Spanish? I went into Insert+v but couldn't find anything of
sorts, thus my question.
I know of no way to do this. If I remember correctly, it should work the other way around. If (1) the web site in question has the properly coded language tags in its HTML code, (2) you're using a multilingual synthesizer that supports the language in question, and (3) you've got language detection turned on in the settings center, JAWS should automatically switch to that language and read the web page in that language.

Turning language detection on is easy with JAWS 12 or higher. Press insert+6 to go into settings center and type "language" in the search box, then press enter. In the search results list, you'll see an item labeled "Language detection". If it's not turned on, its checkbox will be unchecked; just hit the space bar to turn it on, tab to Apply, then tab to OK and press enter.
Hope that helps.


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