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On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 06:25 am, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) wrote:

I guess you could call the ribbon a collection of menus, you just access them a bit differently.

They're actually just a slight reinterpretation of the menu-submenu structure such that the most commonly used features of the most commonly used submenus are visible at all times for "point and click" convenience.

The tabs for each ribbon are exactly analogous to a menu invocation and are all accessed via ALT plus appropriate letter.

The ribbon itself contains the old menu items (as groupings) and submenu items (as individual controls within groupings), but as though the submenu items were always expanded.  If you wish to move from what used to be menu item to menu item, now grouping to grouping, you use CTRL plus Right Arrow or Left Arrow, depending on whether you wish to go forward/right/down (depending on how you wish to think about it) or backward/left/up.  Once you've arrived at the group you wish to use, TAB or SHIFT plus TAB moves you forward or backward through the individual controls for that group and, eventually, out of that group if you keep going.  If you overshoot a simple TAB or SHIFT plus TAB will move you back into the control group you wanted to be in.n

The concept is precisely the same.  Ribbons are just a variant on the theme and the keystrokes to navigate them are slightly different.  Once you drop the idea that the arrow keys are your primary navigation keys and adjust to the correct ones for ribbons they become very easy to use (or at least no harder to use than menus).

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