Free JAWS Scripts Released for Accessible Digipan - PSK31 for Blind Hams!

Richard B. McDonald



Free JAWS scripts for Accessible Digipan (PSK31 for Blind Hams) has been released.  At the link below, you can download it.  Accessible Digipan is built for users of JAWS.  The installation includes everything you need: the JAWS scripts, audio tutorials, a detailed written Guide, a Quick Start Guide, and much more.  Even the installer for DigiPan is included in this one download!  Now, blind hams can finally participate in the most popular ham radio digital mode - PSK31!


These JAWS scripts were written by Jim "The Snowman" Snowbarger (WA0PSS).  The Snowman is a legendary JAWS scripter.  He is a retired electrical engineer and an Advanced Class ham.  These are powerful scripts.


On the webpage at the below link, you will also find a link to a GoFundMe page.  The purpose of the GoFundMe page is to support the continued development of adaptive technologies for the blind.  If you can, please make a donation.  Even if you cannot, then please everyone “Like” and “Share” it on Facebook, email and tweet it out to your friends and families, send it out to your ham club and help support this work in every way you can.  None of the donations benefit me personally.




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