Re: Accessible VPN service


I have been using SurfSolo vended by a German company SecurStar for over a year and find it fully accessible.

It costs around $75.00 U.S. per year and is for one license on one computer.  So, it is a bit pricey; however, it is a high-quality product, works well and adds a few seconds delay for each internet transaction.  This basic version allows you to select from three servers, one in the U.S., one in the Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom.  You can not use it while streaming NetFlix as NetFlix does not allow its stream to go through a VPN and it does not apply to your client-side or server-side e-mail; however, they give you a free secured e-mail address that you can use if you wish.

The set up is a bit tricky, but once set up you will see a SurfSolo icon in the tray.  By clicking the icon, you can start or stop the VPN (which is in stopped status upon system boot), select one of the three servers (one you designate as your default, test the connection and set a few optional parameters.

I have also used SecurStar's Drivecrypt program for more than ten years to create encrypted virtual containers (files) for sensative information.  Once encrypted, I feel perfectly safe to leave the file (virtual disk) on my hard drive.


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