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Don’t get me started on this one.

When I was in a city school system for six years and at disability services at a city school for nine months . . .

Well, let’s just say I left for many reasons, but among them was inaccessible programs, and a supervisor and an assistant who were most definitely unhelpful, and in the assistants case worse than that!



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         I'm simply going to "Second!" the suggestions made by Tim Ford.

         If the school wants to be recalcitrant (and do not be surprised if they are) or just to give lip service then I'd definitely drop ADA and reasonable accommodations in to the conversation.

         I am actually quite appalled at what I've experience firsthand as far as no consideration of accessibility being taken into account at institutions of higher learning.  It's also been interesting to see how certain software that's destined for use in primary ed in school districts all over the country can often be just as bad.

         If your client is expected to use any computer equipment that belongs to the school then you should also make sure to bring up that there will likely be special, and far more lenient, "lock down" policies for that equipment.  IT departments routinely resist the idea that trying to determine what assistive technology works and then fine tuning it is an ongoing process that must be handled in the moment, at least in the early days.  They try to insist that the computer equipment be treated "just like all the other equipment" as far as not having any privileges to install software, tweak things, etc.  That is just not practical, at all, even if you have excellent on-site support from the IT folks.  It doesn't help if they can get there 30 minutes from now when you could tweak something yourself and you need to do that as far as getting your client's accessibility needs met.

          The whole concept of reasonable accommodations as a whole just seems to be completely ignored in practice even if it's completely understood in theory.

         A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

                  ~ William James

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