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Adekoya Rasak


sure, you can learn html as a blind person anbf the basic is quite easy.

Just with your note pad, you can start learning how to write basic
html tags and code. you can as well learn how to build website.

I think the cavi guys does that for a little fee and all of the tutors
are blind guys.
check there website here:

I also write html myself.


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Remember Google is your friend, and check out Word Press for your web page

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Subject: Questions regarding HTML.

Hello everyone,

Not sure if this list is the right place to post this, but I figured I would
give you guys a try anyway.

So a friend of mine and I today, we're discussing technology, and the
subject of learning HTML came up. So I was curious to know, can any of you
guys recommend any links or websites that I could go to to possibly learn
first of all, the basics of HTML? I'm not sure if it would be something I
would stick with, but for now, I think I would like to learn a little bit
about it, and maybe even try to work on starting a website, more or less
just to play around with. If possible, I would like for it to be as I said
very basic until I could get a grasp on things.

Also, is it possible for me to build a website from my phone? I should be
getting my laptop in, hopefully in the next week or two, so maybe I can look
at that as well. But for now my phone is all I have.

Thanks so much, Shane.


Thanks, Shane.


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