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Yea, I struggle with this as well.



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Hi Brian,


Could you briefly explainhow you add (or take away) columns like date created or size and how you then tell it to apply to all subfolders? And I am talking about how to do this in Windows 10.





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           By the way, in answer to your question regarding Documents, I just added the "Date Created" column to the view in Documents, then I took a look at a subfolder before I performed the "Apply to all folders" step I documented last night, and it was not there. which is what I expected.  Then I went back up to Documents and went through those steps answering "Yes" to confirm that I wanted the change to apply to all folders. and now all folders that were using "Details" view now have that column on display.

           There are a few exceptions to this because I have chosen to display select folders in icons view and I have the "remember individual folder view" setting on so if I override my "global master view" on specific folders it will remember this and keep it no matter what I do to my "global master view".

           You might also want to take a quick read through this thread on tenforums and the various step-by-step instructions mentioned.

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