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This is exactly my question.

I can’t make my changes stick!



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Hi Brian,


For some reason I still haven’t figured out how I can change it so a music folder shows me things like file size, file type, date and so on instead of artist, album etc. This is in Windows 10, if you could explain I’d be grateful.


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On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 07:39 pm, Sharon wrote:

I can't get the folder view to be the same across folders; some show detail view; some list view; no consistency as to which columns show!

"Global" control of folder views is not very much different than it has been for decades now and is accessed through the File Explorer Options Dialog, AKA the Folder Options dialog, by invoking it from within File Explorer after you've set the view as you want it for the top level folder under which you'd like all subfolders to appear the same way.

First tweak your view as you'd like it to be at the top level folder that is to be used as the "master view" and where all subfolders under that folder are to look the same.  Hit ALT+V,Y,O  [View Tab/Ribbon, Options Group, Change folder and search options].  In the Options dialog that appears, in the General tab that opens, you can choose whether File Explorer opens with Quick Access at the top of the folder list or This PC in that position.  For those who like the old "My Computer" layout choose "This PC" from the "Open File Explorer to:" dropdown.  Then, since you've already set up the view that you want used as the "master view" in the folder you're working on, activate the View tab and then the Apply to Folders button.  Then you will be presented with a dialog box asking, "Do you want all folders of this type to match this folder's view settings?," and you will activate the "Yes" button if you want your current view applied or "No" if you realize you need to tweak something else.

Note carefully that the question says "folders of this type" so, if you're working on a regular folder this will apply only to regular folders, not those using the Windows conventions for Photos, Music, Videos, etc.  If you want those to be changed you need to repeat this process in a folder of the type you want to use as the "master view" for that type of folder.

I don't have my Windows 7 laptop at hand, but I've dealt with this particular dialog many times over the decades and it still seems very similar, if not identical.

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