Re: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws

Jonas Voll

I have created a Windows 10 tutorial hear!

And this one shows how you can install Windows 10 using nothing but Windows Narrator!

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Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2017 12:58 AM
Subject: Re: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws

Many shortcut keys are the same, but below is a link to a website with many shortcut keys for Windows. Of course the start menu does look different, but you still have the desktop, taskbar and system tray. I'm sure there are Windows 10 tutorials, but I'm not totally sure where to find them. Here is the website with the list of shortcut keys, use "t" to find the table, it's a simple layout, key combination on the left and explanation on the right:


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Hi Sieghard
I have been using Win 7 all this while. But recently went in for a new laptop which has Win 10 configured in it by default. It feels quite different and confusing. Could you share some shortcut keys etc. to get better acclaimatised with it.
Thanks in anticipation

On 3/30/17, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:
The accessibility is very good and while I like how a few things work
in Windows 7, I also like how some things work in Windows 10 and
overall I think Windows 10 is a much better OS. I have Windows 10 on
my laptop and still use Windows 7 on all my desktops at work, mostly
because I just don't have the time to upgrade them right now. I would
not run Windows 7 on a new computer any more, there just is no point.
It will still be around a few years from now, but we all know it will
go away at some point and you might as well get used to Windows 10.


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Randy Barnett
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 7:29 PM
Subject: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws

I was hoping for some feedback from actual users of both OS'sas to
preference: Win 10 or Win7? I tried Win 10 win it was first released
and didn't like it... I don't have an extra pc right now to test it on
so before I take the plunge and upgrade my main PC I was hoping to get
your feedback on its accessibility with Jaws 18.

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