Re: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws


The accessibility is very good and while I like how a few things work in Windows 7, I also like how some things work in Windows 10 and overall I think Windows 10 is a much better OS. I have Windows 10 on my laptop and still use Windows 7 on all my desktops at work, mostly because I just don't have the time to upgrade them right now. I would not run Windows 7 on a new computer any more, there just is no point. It will still be around a few years from now, but we all know it will go away at some point and you might as well get used to Windows 10.


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I was hoping for some feedback from actual users of both OS'sas to there preference: Win 10 or Win7? I tried Win 10 win it was first released and didn't like it... I don't have an extra pc right now to test it on so before I take the plunge and upgrade my main PC I was hoping to get your feedback on its accessibility with Jaws 18.

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