Re: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws


Windows 10:
It's okay. I don't like ribbons, and even windows explorer has them now! I can't get the folder view to be the same across folders; some show detail view; some list view; no consistency as to which columns show! Cathy Ann Murtha's textbook has helped a lot, but I still struggle with this ribbon thing.
I do like being able to go to a web site with a hot key.
But I miss Windows 7.
Oh well, had to upgrade at some point!

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Subject: Win 10 vs Win7 with Jaws

I was hoping for some feedback from actual users of both OS'sas to there preference: Win 10 or Win7? I tried Win 10 win it was first released and didn't like it... I don't have an extra pc right now to test it on so before I take the plunge and upgrade my main PC I was hoping to get your feedback on its accessibility with Jaws 18.

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